The Southern Cross Network consists of two separate cables laid over diverse paths between Australia and the US Mainland.

The Northern route connects northern Sydney in Australia, via Suva, Fiji to Kahe Point in Hawaii and then onwards to Portland, Oregon on the US Mainland.

The Southern route connects southern Sydney in Australia, via Whenuapai and Takapuna, New Zealand to Spencer Beach in Hawaii and then onwards to Morro Bay, California on the US Mainland.

The two routes are connected via domestic fibre connections in Australia, Hawaii and the US West Coast to form a secure, fully diverse and restorable high capacity network.

Services are available on the network configured as three separate logical rings: a North Ring, South Ring and North-South Ring.


Services on the North-South Ring are any services from Australia, New Zealand or Fiji which connect to the USA (US Mainland or Hawaii)


North-South Ring


 Services on the North Ring are any services that connect the US Mainland and Hawaii.

North Ring Image


Services on the South Ring are any services connecting Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Connection from Australia, New Zealand or Fiji to Hawaii are considered North-South ring services.

South Ring Image

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