Too many acronyms before breakfast?

Here's a list to help unpack the cascade of numbers and letters.

Activation Commissioning of a circuit for operational use
AR&R Assignment Routing & Restoration
Assignment Drawdown of MIU-points for conversion into capacity on a traffic path.
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
CLA Capacity Lease Agreement
CUA Capacity Use Agreement
GbE Gigabit Ethernet
IP Internet Protocol
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication Standardisation Sector (Recommendation)
LP Landing Party
LPA Landing Party Agreement
MIU Minimum Investment Unit
MIU-point Minumum transactional unit of a MIU to aid flexibility in capacity and configuration changes. Different capacities/configuratons require differing MIU-point amounts
MSP Multiplex Section Protection - protection of physical interfaces
NA Network Administrator
NPE Network Protection Equipment
O&M Operations and Maintenance
OTN Optical Transport Network
PCL Pacific Carriage Limited
RFS Ready For Service
SCCL Southern Cross Cables Limited
SNCP Sub Network Connection Protection
SNOC Southern Cross Network Operations Centre
STM-1 Synchronous Transport Module Level 1 (155.52Mbps)
STM-16 Synchronous Transport Module Level 16 (2,488.32 Mbps)
STM-4 Synchronous Transport Module Level 4 (622.08Mbps)
STM-64 Synchronous Transport Module Level 64 (9,953.28Mbps)
SX Southern Cross
Traffic Path Connectivity on the network between any two Network Interfaces, independent of the actual physical links used

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