Network Operations Centre

The Southern Cross network is monitored by a state of the art Network Operations Centre, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The SNOC provides 24 hour, 7 days a week customer care and network management services to all Southern Cross users. The SNOC is central to the management of the Southern Cross Cable Network and supports the following core network management functions:

• Network surveillance on a 24/7 basis
• Fault management / Customer trouble resolution
• Information management (eg: planned work notifications, network event notifications)
• Customer enquiry handling on a 24/7 basis
• Planned work management (e.g. routine maintenance or project activities)
• Configuration management / Capacity Activations
• Change management (e.g. software/hardware upgrades, record keeping)
• Network Performance Analysis
• Routine or adhoc reporting for SCCL or Capacity Users
• Inventory / Asset Management (e.g. repair & returns)
• Network Management and Operational Support

Southern Cross contracted Telecom New Zealand (now Spark) to manage the Southern Cross Network Operations Centre in October 1999.

Cable Stations

Southern Cross has Cable Stations/Access Points at 12 locations (details here). Landing Parties have been contracted by Southern Cross to staff and maintain these Cable Stations and Access Points.


While Southern Cross has outsourced a variety of the day to day support functions, these are supported by our inhouse dedicated Operations team providing technical, operational and provisioning direction and support to the SNOC and our Landing Parties, along with support to our customers. Southern Cross maintains key Operational personnel in Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.

Support System

Southern Cross utilises the world class "BOSS Portal" platform - a complete OSS solution purpose built for Submarine networks - to monitor and manage the array of different technologies required to run a successful submarine cable network. More on Boss Portal, and their OSS offering can be found here.




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Contact Us

For Operational and trouble ticketing support for existing customers, please contact:

SX Network Operations Centre

0800 479 222 [New Zealand Only]

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