Backhaul Providers

Recognising that many Customers require additional services to be able to efficiently connect to and utilise their Southern Cross cable capacity, this section provides you with backhaul provider information to help identify a range of Service Providers who may be able to provide necessary support.

Southern Cross provides access via two cable stations in each of Sydney, Auckland, Hawaii and the US mainland, and one in Fiji. Access is also available via the CoreSite Market Post Tower facility in San Jose, California, the Westin Building (WBX), Seattle and Equinix SY1 in Sydney. As a Southern Cross customer you can choose where to connect to our network, and in most countries you can connect either directly at the Network Interface Point within a cable station or access point, or obtain access via a Backhaul Provider.

Backhaul Providers provide the connection between a Customer's Southern Cross capacity and domestic network by providing access to relevant Southern Cross cable stations.

Our landing party agreements ensure backhaul capacity will be available on a competitive basis in terms of pricing, provisioning and operational performance at all destinations. Multiple backhaul providers are available in the US mainland, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Southern Cross provides this list of potential backhaulers to assist Customers in obtaining services they require. However, all commercial arrangements for obtaining the services offered are a matter between each Customer and their selected backhauler. Should you have any queries about the provision of service, please contact the appropriate provider directly.