Do the owners of Southern Cross purchase capacity at preferential rates

How will the growth of mobile affect demand for capacity

What is protected capacity

When was Southern Cross constructed and how much did it cost

Where is the company of Southern Cross based

Is Southern Cross is effectively part of Telecom New Zealand as claimed by some

Is Southern Cross a monopoly in NZ that can charge monopoly prices

Does Southern Cross just provide single cable connectivity for NZ

Southern Cross is sometimes criticised as being inflexible on products and pricing

Does Southern Cross provide volume and spend based discounts

Do you expect capacity activations to rapidly increase in response to UFB and NBN

How fast is activated customer capacity growing on the network

Will you actually ever need to lay a new cable if technology continues to improve

What are the chances that the cable could last even longer than 2025

On what basis did you recently announce that the cable will last another 5 years until 2025

How much capacity is protected by dedicated protection and restoration capacity

How does equipment transmission speed influence network capacity

What is the maximum capacity or potential size of the Southern Cross network

How often does Southern Cross upgrade capacity

Is Southern Cross limiting the amount of data that can be downloaded

What is so special about Southern Cross

What is Southern Cross


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