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Southern Cross secures 7th signature for NEXT project

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Wellington, New Zealand – 15 May 2017 – Southern Cross Cable Network today confirmed it had signed letters of intent in the Southern Cross NEXT system from seven parties to date, inclusive of three major Australasian Carriers and four Pacific Islands. Discussions with several other customers showing strong interest are also in progress.

The initial Southern Cross NEXT build will be a high capacity express route, providing data-centre
connectivity between Sydney, Auckland, and Los Angeles. The system is planned to have an initial
capacity of more than 60 terabits, adding to the existing 20 terabit capability of the current Southern
Cross systems. Given its design and route, it will be the lowest latency path to the United States by
some considerable margin and will provide immediate benefit to customers with additional route
diversity once completed.

President and CEO, Anthony Briscoe said: “The interest from the seven customers so far would
substantially cover the required project construction costs, and highlights the level of confidence that
our customers and the market have in the project.”

“As many in the industry appreciate, anchor tenancy is a very critical aspect of any major project,
including submarine cable constructions. While opinion and consultancy may highlight a potential
opportunity, it is not until you can take a firm proposition to the market that you get a true sense of
market interest. It is therefore extremely encouraging that after only nine months from our original
Customer Information Meeting in Sydney we have already managed to secure such significant interest
in working with Southern Cross and the Southern Cross NEXT project.”

The marine survey phase of the Southern Cross NEXT project is proceeding at a very encouraging pace.
With around 45 percent of the 12,500km route now surveyed, and with tender submissions for the
system build recently closing, the project is on target for completion during 2019.”

Capacity customers of Southern Cross and the Southern Cross NEXT project will gain greater utility
and return on investment not only of any new acquisition but also their existing investment in Southern
Cross. The ability to configure and reconfigure capacity across the various routes and segments of the
Southern Cross eco-system allowing them to meet their changing needs.

Customers will be able to take advantage of the benefits a meshed network design can bring, spreading
their capacity across three Southern Cross cable routes where available, maximising protection and
minimising overall network costs compared to standalone systems. The Southern Cross NEXT project
is being designed to seamlessly interconnect with the existing Southern Cross systems, as well as the
existing 15 cable station and data centre locations across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and the
US West Coast currently accessible by Southern Cross.

While the Southern Cross NEXT route is planned for completion during 2019, interested capacity
customers do not need to wait until this time to meet their growing capacity requirements. Customers
of Southern Cross and the Southern Cross NEXT project will be able to continue to access and grow
their capacity on the existing systems in the interim, again leveraging a key benefit of the Southern
Cross eco-system.

Southern Cross is attending International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Chicago from May 14 to 17.

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About Southern Cross

Southern Cross Cable Network provides fast, direct, and secure international bandwidth from Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii to the heart of the Internet in the USA.

The Southern Cross Cable Network comprises two submarine communications cables which were first commissioned in November 2000 and January 2001 at a cost of USD1.3 billion. They provide Australasian broadband users with international connections to the US West coast where global Internet hubs are located.

The Southern Cross Cable Network is owned by Spark NZ (50%), Singtel-Optus (40%) and Verizon Business (10%).

The Southern Cross NEXT project will be a third high capacity express route, providing data centre connectivity between Sydney, Auckland, and Los Angeles, and is on target for completion in 2019.

Southern Cross Cable Network has offices in Bermuda, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. For more information visit Southern Cross at:

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Anthony Briscoe
President & CEO
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