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Nikki Shone – Rhodes Academy

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As part of her duties as Southern Cross General Counsel, and support of related ICPC activities, Nikki Shone recently completed an intensive ‘Law and Policy of the Sea’ course at the Rhodes Academy. Nikki tells us of some of the experience in her own words.

“Rhodes in the Greek Islands is an amazing location for the summer intensive in Law and Policy of the Sea which the Rhodes Academy has held each year for the last 16 years. The distance from New Zealand required some travelling effort but it was certainly well worth it and I would recommend it to anyone specialising in this area of the law.”
“The Rhodes Academy offers this annual intensive to a limited group of 45-50 internationals. We had participants from Iceland, Norway, Russia, China, Japan, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Chile, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Bahamas, USA, UK, Indonesia, and Singapore.”

“The lectures are given by distinguished judges and professors from around the globe who specialise in areas of law and policy of the sea. Topics covered this year were very wide ranging and included continent formation and earthquakes, climate change, delimitation of the continental shelf, all aspects of UNCLOS, fisheries and conservation, the environment and of course submarine cables. The lectures were very interesting and interactive with enthusiastic class participation. So learning came not only from the amazing lecturers but also from the incredibly diverse and knowledgeable participants.”
“The intensive course covered three weeks and included daily lectures and assigned reading with exams at the end of each week. We also had time to socialise and get to know other participants with two cocktail evenings and a formal dinner. We also ventured into restaurants and nightclubs and toured around the old town of Rhodes.”
 “During the final week a few of us were cajoled by Professor Myron Nordquist into doing presentations on our specialist area and I talked about the practical aspects of cables; cable laying and cable repair and gave a presentation that had some slides from ICPC showing just how a cable is laid and how the cable ship retrieves the cable and repairs the fibres with jointing. I then showed the a series of photos from the latest Southern Cross repair taken by Brian Smith on board the cable ship.”
“The Rhodes Academy offers an incredible learning experience and an invaluable opportunity to meet incredibly interesting people and make amazing friends with all sorts of people from around the globe that practice in the law and policy of the sea.”
“I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in wishing to learn more or specialising in this area and I would also encourage businesses to sponsor the Academy, as ICPC already does, as this enables the programme to continue.”
If you would like more information on the Rhodes Academy, Law and Policy of the Sea or Southern Cross’ activities with ICPC, please contact us.

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